U'Piddu Club Hotel

U'Piddu Club Hotel Lampedusa resort 12 camere, vista mare, motoryacht d'epoca esclusivo per godere appieno il mare di Lampedusa. Prezzi Speciali.

Secluded and well hidden in its garden, surrounded by flower beds, bougainvillea, hibiscus, agaves and an immense ficus, the U'Piddu Club Hotel Lampedusa, a few steps from the town centre, is a large ocher-coloured villa transformed into a small and delightful resort for 26 guests , halfway between a hotel and a friend's house.


The "room with boat" formula and "all inclusive" stay is the Hotel U'Piddu's proposal to fully experience the sea of ​​Lampedusa. In fact, guests can enjoy the coast of the island every day aboard a comfortable motor yacht, the Jamaica, for the exclusive use of guests. Lunch is served on board by the Club's sailors. Six evenings a week (one evening is free), you can dine on the hotel terrace: on the menu are Lampedusa specialties and various innovative fish-based recipes prepared by the Club Chef. A stay dedicated to the sea in an oasis of greenery which transmits pleasure and serenity and where the human relationship still has an important and life-giving meaning.

An exclusive holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean in a sweet and wild setting. A sea and sun holiday full of tastes and nature.


- The terrace

In an elevated position with a sea view, particularly suggestive with the full moon.

- The hospitality of the hotel

There are 12 rooms in the club, some with a private terrace to enjoy the view of the sea, others overlooking the exuberance of the garden.

- The garden

Upiddu represents, as a whole, a true botanical garden in an African-type landscape.

- Jamaica for the exclusive use of guests

Vintage motoryacht, all in wood, 20 meters long and 5 meters wide, with two 400hp engines. Large sun terrace and shaded area where you can have lunch.


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