Togst in World of Warcraft, I think it’s very possible until Blizzard swallows it

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Torghast's first trial run, I like it very much. Although I don’t take the time to read World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Endless Dungeon. I'm not entirely sure what breaking countless vases or releasing soul remains will bring me, but when I work on the first floor, both are satisfying. I don't remember any real problems. I picked a gainer who seemed to help me, and everything died in response. Even the last boss is very tolerant.

Encouraged by my first successful run, I jumped to the second level. Similarly, I traverse all floors. Nothing seemed to have been hit too much, and while I was cautious about my pull, I hardly died. Therefore, when I reached Goxul the Devourer on the last layer of the Torghast wing on the second layer, I was a little shocked.

No matter what I do, my health cannot be lower than 70%. I went back to the nearby supplier and looked at my options. Before he inevitably destroyed my shadow priest, none of the buffs shocked me, enough to make this guy's health worse. I don't actually remember exactly what was provided, but I do remember that everything seemed useless. But anyway, I tried again because I spent most of an hour to solve this problem, and the WOW Classic Gold idea of wasting time is devastating.

The next day, I searched on the difficulty of Torghast and found that other people at the end of the wing had similar problems, and I was relieved. Several in our guild managed to clear these players, but they were either grouped or entered as tanks or healers. Like the N'Zoth illusion of the Battle for Azeroth, Torghast is obviously more suitable for tanks and healers to make up for their damage. However, I have switched specifications and am not going to Buy WOW Classic Gold switch again.

I felt better about the beatings I received, and later that week, I tried another wing. But I can't kill Arch-Supressor Laguas, the second-tier boss there! I walked closer, it was natural, I was almost attracted by him, but "almost" did not bring you any soul ashes. So I left again with my bare hands, wasting another hour.

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