Things to do in Cancún

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Top things to do in Cancun

Dive into magnificent cenotes-

  • Numerous swimming holes can be easily reached from Cancún in a single day. One of the highlights is the amazing park Cenote Dos Ojos.
  • It is managed by the Maya people and offers swimming, snorkeling, and cave diving.
  • It is a former henequen ranch with a partially collapsed freshwater grotto. There are hanging vines, for a more laid-back vibe.

Tour Chichén Itzá-

  • Chichén Itzá is one of the Yucatán peninsula's most famous and recognizable sites.
  • Originally a major centre of Mayan culture. This location has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The pyramid-shaped El Castillo, which was formerly a Mayan temple. It is dedicated to the god Kukulkan, is the main feature of the ruins.

Discover amazing artwork while exploring Avenida Kukulkan-

  • Cancún's principal thoroughfare. It begins in the downtown area, travels southward towards the airport via the hotel district.
  • There are paths all along the avenue. There are countless stores and restaurants. In addition to resorts and hotels.
  • You'll probably be taking the bus if you're not strolling along the avenue. The bus route that visitors take most commonly is this one.
  • Walking or jogging on Avenida Kukulkan is secure, well-lit, and maintained. Actually, when you're on vacation, the street is a terrific place to work out.
  • The entire path is lined with pavements. There is plenty to accomplish.

Go whale shark swimming-

  • The excitement of gliding over Caribbean waters with the world's largest fish can only be imagined. Whale sharks gather on Isla Mujeres from late May to mid-September.
  • To mate and feast on the rich plankton. This offers the thrilling chance to snorkel among these enormous.
  • It is around 15-meter-long and more than 20-ton marine animals. For the best chance of seeing these gentle giants, Sea Hawk Divers.
  • These tours are supervised by knowledgeable, bilingual instructors.
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Get a close-up look at fascinating creatures-

  • Take a boat cruise to Isla Contoy for delightfully quiet nature viewing. The island spans 8.5 kilometers and is the site of sea turtle nests.
  • There are even over 150 different species of birds. You can see loggerhead, hawksbill, and green sea turtles coming ashore to deposit their eggs from April to October.

The boat tour is run by Asterix Tours-

  • The island's native biologists will lead informative walks and snorkeling stops during your excursion.
  • It is also a protected sanctuary that is currently a national park. Only 200 people come here every day, so make reservations in advance.

Admire life-sized artwork in the underwater museum. MUSA-

  • Designed to entice tourists away from delicate coral reef structures. 500 or so submerged sculptures are on display at the Museo Subacuático de Arte.
  • Here are the cement pieces that are pH-neutral. Some of which are based on actual locales. It can be seen from a glass-bottom boat, while snorkeling, or while scuba diving.
  • The shallower of the two underwater galleries is Punta Nizuc in Cancún. For boat cruises and snorkeling, it is advised.
  • However, diving is more appropriate in Manchones, an 8–10 m deep Isla Mujeres site. A lot of dive shops provide trips to MUSA.

Enjoy some culture at the Cancún Museum.

  • Are you sick of kicking back on the beach? After a day in the sun, visit the fascinating Museo Maya de Cancún. It is an excellent anthropology museum.
  • It exhibits Maya artefacts found throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. The permanent collection comprises over 3,500 objects.
  • It includes finely painted pre-Hispanic ceramics. Even, it represents mythological monsters of enormous proportions and a jade mosaic death mask.


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