They amazed by encouraging young talents

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This week's five talking points from women's football comprise: the Bundesliga wrapping up things for 2020, SC Sand fighting, Manchester United meaning business and players considering that the FIFA Women's World XI.

It has been a long year, full of ups and downs. Full of fractures and restarts, worry and hope. The groups are now off to enjoy a winter break before returning to training in January. Bayern Munich stay at the top, five points ahead of Wolfsburg, and also a tight title race is expected in the second half of the year. Wolfsburg Sporting Director Ralf Kellermann told Sportbuzzer:"I'm convinced that we will make the battle for the championship very exciting again." After 12 matches Nora H?uptle's team have lost ten and won 2. H?uptle is the only woman working as head coach from the Bundesliga and certainly has a significant task ahead following her side dropped to a relegation place. The team definitely has a great deal of potential, but is currently failing to harness that. They want more fight in 2021.

Last season, Hoffenheim came in third, the best ending in their background. They amazed by encouraging young talents into a greater level, the Bundesliga, while still playing good soccer. Ahead of the season they got a new head coach and it was about demonstrating where they truly stand. Could they replicate their achievement or was it a one time only deal? After 12 played games this year, the solution is apparent: Hoffenheim are in third position again, having won eight, drawn once and dropped just 3 occasions. They are also the next most prolific group behind Wolfsburg and Bayern. Gabor Gallai's team underlined their amibtions by handing Turbine Potsdam, a clear contender for the third place, a Buy FIFA Coins well deserved 5-0 beating Sunday.

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