How to get the most Anima in WOW

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When we talk about WoW: Shadowlands, Anima is life. The main energy flow of the story is also the main currency of the game (except for gold coins), used for specific items, upgrades, mounts, etc. in Shadowlands. But this is also a difficult project to grind. It can be overwhelming when the game requires players to obtain at least 1,000 animations per week to complete a task, and spend at least 65,000 Anima on various temple upgrades.

Life is the lifeblood of Shadowlands and can be used for multiple purchases. Its main purpose is to upgrade the sanctuary. Players choose the Classic WOW Gold main basis of the covenant. Anima can be used to upgrade one of the following four functions:

    Transportation network: This allows players to enter various areas within the designated area of their contract faster
    Animation Command: This allows players to invest animation in specific areas to obtain additional daily items, rare items, treasure chests, etc.
    Command table: Allow players to send allies from the alliance to defeat special enemies and get amazing rewards
    Special function: Each covenant has its own unique temple "function", whether it is the way of ascension to the Kyrians or the garden of ashes for Venthyr. Each of these activities provides a unique opportunity to experience the Land of Shadows and unique aesthetic items in different ways.

Players can also use Anima to upgrade their covenant armor and purchase other aesthetic items from special vendors in Shadowlands. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold cost of these items may be between 1,000 and 10,000.

How to get Anima: Life can come from many sources. It has three different quantity types:

    Ordinary token, usually worth 5Anima per stack
    Rare tokens worth 35 lives per pile
    Epic tokens, each worth 250 lives

Depending on the difficulty of the task, many such stacks can be found. For example, an umbrella mission may provide 1-3 uncommon tokens (35-105 lives), while a more difficult mission will give players 3-5 uncommon tokens. These values ??will vary greatly from day to day.

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