Those thoughts may have crystalized since Wilson

Those thoughts may have crystalized since Wilson

Those thoughts may have crystalized since Wilson watched Brady get struck only twice and win his seventh ring with the support of Mut 21 coins several high-profile art gamers, some of whom he helped recruit to Tampa Bay. "The difference between that game was Tom was shooting shots down the field and getting the ball to his men and stuff like that," Wilson told Dan Patrick,"but he wasn't touched, really."

Clearly, Wilson believes that carrying such a radical -- for him -- step of airing his grievances publicly will place stress on the Seahawks to improve their offensive line to whatever extent is possible because they enter the offseason low on cap space and draft funds. His comments included what came off as a veiled ultimatum when he said, for the first time, the potential for completing his livelihood elsewhere.

"I'm not certain how long I will play in Seattle," he told Patrick. "I think, hopefully, it can be forever. But things change, obviously, along the way" Adding to the intrigue of Wilson's comments is that one blockbuster trade has occurred this offseason (Jared Goff for Matthew Stafford), and Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson could be moved as well.

2021 NFL Coaching Carousel Tracker: Upgrades, latest news and rumors on firings and hires

With the conclusion of the NFL season , that usually means the league's yearly coaching purge is all about to kick into high gear. After the year kicked off in September, you will find 32 head coaches roaming the sidelines around the NFL, but maybe not every one of these guys will be arriving in 2021.

As a matter of fact, we know three coaches who certainly won't be returning and that is Bill O'Brien, Dan Quinn and Matt Patricia, that all got axed during the cheap Madden nfl 21 coins season. Three in-season firings has been the maximum amount the NFL has seen since 2010 when four coaches got let go.

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