How To Choose A More Suitable Plastic Pump Head?

How to choose a plastic pump head and how to make a good product have a suitable plastic pump head


With a preliminary understanding of the lotion pump, do you know how to choose a suitable plastic pump head?

ordinary lotion pump

Often used in shampoo (milk), shower gel (milk), conditioner, body lotion (milk), facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, detergent, laundry detergent, disinfectant, mouthwash, and other daily chemical products, as well as general cosmetics such as hand cream, toner, serum, sunscreen, and liquid foundation.

Ordinary emulsion pumps generally have a hose, and the pumping volume is generally 1.0-5.0ml/time, which is often suitable for materials with good fluidity/low viscosity. Materials with poor fluidity/high viscosity need to use specially designed emulsion pumps, such as high-viscosity emulsion pumps.

The decoration of ordinary lotion pumps is relatively simple, and the common ones are: adding alumina cover, electroplating, printing, bronzing and other processes.

Lotion pumps are used in a wide range of applications. Whether customers choose lotion pump products or manufacturers recommend lotion pumps to end customers, some factors need to be considered for reference.

1. According to the compatibility between the raw material and the liquid of the emulsion pump, the selection must be able to pass the compatibility test.

2. Select according to the range of pump output

Before the end product goes on the market, there is generally a consumer survey link, and basically, there will be a preliminary recommended usage amount. According to this usage, the specification of the lotion pump can be selected here, or the whole number of pumping times can reach the recommended usage. General: Recommended usage = (1-2) * pumping volume.

For example, if the recommended dosage is 1.0ml/time, you can choose a lotion pump with a pumping volume of 1.0ml/time or a lotion pump with 0.5ml/time.

3. Select according to the final packaging form

The packaging capacity has been confirmed, and then according to the size of the packaging capacity, combined with the expected number of uses, the specification of the lotion pump is selected. Generally, one package can be used 100-300 times.

Example 1: It has been confirmed that a 100ml bottle can be used. The specification of the lotion pump can be 1.0ml/time, about 100 times, or the specification of the lotion pump can be 0.5ml/time, about 200 times.

Example 2: It has been confirmed that the 500ml bottle can be used for a 2.0ml/time lotion pump, which can be used about 250 times, or the lotion pump that can be used for 3.5ml/time about 140 times.

4. Select according to the caliber specification of the lotion pump and the bottle

The lotion pump and the bottle mouth are generally based on screw teeth, and there is a general standard in the industry. General suppliers produce lotion pumps according to this standard, and customers choose lotion pumps according to this specification.

Common calibers are 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33mm, 38mm;

Common specifications are 400, 410, and 415.

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