Introduction To The Advantages Of Brass Padlock

On the back of the fierce competition, brass padlock's exquisite decoration and copper art have won everyone's love.

On the back of the fierce competition, brass padlock's exquisite decoration and copper art have won everyone's love. The increasing level of life round cake locks has made everyone's acceptance of brass locks gradually increasing. So, what kind of copper door lock does the manufacturer choose to deploy their own copper door, and from which channels do they obtain the copper door lock?

Terminal docking, brand locks have advantages. Compared with general anti-theft doors, the decoration of copper doors is stronger, or hollow, or forged, or embossed rectangular locks with various markings and auspicious pictures. In addition, some manufacturers are still under the wide range of Chinese characteristics, coupled with the decoration elements of Western construction, to create a copper door that combines Chinese and Western styles. In terms of practicability, the copper door is far more durable than ordinary doors. It has no doubts about deformation and cracking. Not only is it strong anti-theft function, but its service life is several times longer than usual. . In this way, with its unique exquisite technology, luxurious and elegant appearance, and solid quality, Tongmen has become the first choice for financial systems, financial archives, residential residences, and warehouses. Of course, Tongmen's quotation is not low. Generally, the price of bronze doors is determined by the size of the door leaf, the thickness of the door panel, the complexity of the carved decoration, and the level of the padlock. The door leaf area is large, the thickness of the copper plate is thick, the carving is complicated, and the price is naturally high.

Then, according to the standard and level of the copper door, in addition to the locks equipped with it must be in harmony with the appearance of the copper door, the anti-theft function must also match the copper door. Therefore, the quality of the copper door lock cannot be flown regardless of the quotation or the quality. As usual. Brand + features + services Complete the docking between padlock lock companies and door factory terminals. Now, the copper doors on the market have basically been equipped with locks that are in harmony with them, and consumers do not need to purchase them by themselves. There are roughly two methods for manufacturers to select suitable locks and deploy copper doors: one is the cooperation between door manufacturers and lock companies. When the manufacturer produces copper doors, he asks the lock company to manufacture door locks according to his own request, and do various decorations on the padlocks to share the characteristics of the copper doors they produce. Because of the increased brand awareness, many door factories started to produce their own branded hardware door locks, and processed them directly from the hardware factory. Even manufacturers that do not produce locks will find dealers to purchase matching locks and install them.

Second, the manufacturers go directly to the store to find a lock dealer to purchase matching locks. The bronze door is suitable for blending into the elements of civilization, which determines that the lock it is equipped with has the necessary characteristics and artistic characteristics. Therefore, many manufacturers cast their nets in shopping malls to find suitable locks. Many lock dealers indicate that many manufacturers come to the store to purchase copper door locks. Regarding lock dealers, 100% of dealers pay attention to and are willing to cooperate with door companies, but only 20-30% can really complete long-term cooperation with door companies. The most critical element is the door-to-door request for the characteristic, fashionable, artistic, and differentiated standard dial combination lock.

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