Be careful of the steps when riding the escalator

An escalator is a fixed electric drive device that carries a circular moving ladder up or down to transport passengers.


An escalator is a fixed electric drive device that carries a circular moving ladder up or down to transport passengers. Automatic ladders are usually inclined. When walking on the escalator at one end of the escalator, it will automatically be taken to the other end of the escalator.

maintain standard. The escalator is located on both sides of the escalator, and the handrails are moved synchronously for the user to hold. Escalators can always go in one direction, but most can be controlled by the manager, depending on time and the flow of people. Another type of pedestrian transportation/transportation tool similar to an escalator is a moving walk. The main difference between the two is that there are no steps on the sidewalk; most people will only walk on the ground, or lean slightly.

It is composed of an escalator composed of ladders (transforming slat conveyors) and handrails (transforming belt conveyors) on both sides. Its main components are steps, traction chains and sprockets, guide rail systems, main drive systems (including motors, reducers, brakes and intermediate transmission links, etc.) driving spindles, ladders and tensioning devices, skeletons, combs, escalator handrail systems and The electrical system, etc., step by step at the passenger entrance to facilitate the passengers on the ladder; the vicinity of the entrance ladder gradually disappears, and the steps move horizontally again. These movements are realized by the steps of the main wheels and auxiliary wheels.

There is no strict classification method for escalators. They are generally light and heavy, and there is no support. According to the decoration of escalators, they are divided into transparent and transparent brackets, translucent or opaque brackets, and outdoor escalators. According to the transportation capacity, it is divided into different levels of width, lifting height and inclination angle. Transport capacity divided by the number of passengers transported per hour. The drive is divided into end drive escalators (or chain escalators) and intermediate drive escalators (or rack escalators). According to the model, there are manned ladders and large supermarkets suitable for ramp-type trolleys. According to the operating frequency, it is divided into constant speed operation and frequency conversion (when there is no one, it almost stops).

WEBSTAR escalator meets the different requirements from broad customers because of its superior properties, the practical and flexible design The optimized utilization of microcomputer variable frequency technology (VVVF), ergonomics research fruits, the advanced manufacture technology bring about the more perfect, secure, comfortable WEBSTAR escalator with the fine energy-saving and the convenient repair maintenance.

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