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Game Informer

Founded in 1988, Game Informer was a print magazine that evolved into an interactive website. With over 6 million subscribers, Game Informer has become one of the most influential gaming sites in the world. The website's content is written by video game enthusiasts and covers a wide range of subjects, including video games and the gaming industry. It is also available on mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads for more info click at edrawmax crack

Recently, GameStop announced plans to layoff employees across the company. Among those being laid off are Game Informer staff and executives. The digital subscriptions have been a disappointing failure. The gaming industry is incredibly fragile, and GameStop's decision to cut over 600 positions is shocking, to say the least. It is unfortunate that GameStop has made such a decision. As a result, it is likely that GameInformer will struggle to continue its operations.

Bleacher Report

If you're a fan of video games, you've probably heard of Bleacher Report, the gaming news website founded by Ken Rosenthal and other notable writers. Though the site is most well known for its traditional sports coverage, it has branched out into creative content in recent years. The site produced the short film Quiet Storm, which Showtime later acquired. It has also produced several other video game related shows, including Game Zones and Take it There, and animated series like The Champions.

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