Treat fungal infection at Soul Derma Clinic in South Delhi

Dermatologist in Delhi at Soul Derma Clinic can help determine the root cause of fungal infection and help one achieve a healthy skin with best treatment and approaches.

Exercising helps in achieving a healthy body and skin but it can also trigger breakouts if one does not maintain good hygiene. Sweat and dirt during workout can clog the pores and can lead to acne and pimples. Also, poor hygiene could result in bacterial and fungal infection. 

Fungal infection is also a common skin problem and during summer and even winters, it can aggravate due to the change in climate. These infections can appear anywhere on the body in the form of rashes which are red, scaly and itchy. There are multiple factors which lead to a breeding ground for fungus. Taking treatment, oral medication and applying creams are not enough for fungal infections. A dermatologist in Delhi at Soul Derma Clinic can help determine the root cause of fungal infection and help one achieve a healthy skin with best treatment and approaches.

Who is at the Risk of Developing Fungal Infections?

Below is the list of individuals who might be at higher risk to fungal infections:


  • People with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to fungal infections
  • People consuming immunosuppressant medications might be at a higher risk of developing fungal infections
  • People with excessive weight are prone to fungal infections
  • People with diabetes can also develop fungal infections
  • Consuming high-dose antibiotics can make one vulnerable to contracting fungal infections.


Soul Derma Clinic offers customized and advanced antifungal treatment procedures. They often prescribe the best creams and medications to treat the fungal infection in South Delhi.

Simple Habits that one Should Follow to Avoid Fungal Infections:


  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Change towel every second day
  • Take bath twice a day
  • Put wet towel/undergarments out in the sun
  • Iron undergarments from inside and outside
  • Let the body dry before applying cream and powder
  • Take bath after the gym or any other intense exercise
  • Avoid wearing undergarments at night
  • Wear cotton garments


Soul Derma Clinic Approach to Treat Skin Fungus Infections


Soul Derma adopts a tailored approach while treating skin fungus. Treatment for skin fungus at their clinic includes:


  • Prescription of antifungal creams
  • In case of severe infections, oral medications that work faster are prescribed
  • High-dose antifungal medicines are prescribed according to the condition of the fungus.


Fungal infections, if diagnosed quickly, can be treated without any complications. To diagnose fungal infections, one must consult an expert skin care specialist. 


Fungal infection treatment at Soul Derma in South Delhi relies on customized approaches to eliminate fungus from the affected areas. During the initial consultation, Dr. Anika Goel will analyze the severity of the infection. Based on the findings, she will be able to establish an appropriate treatment program for an individual. Schedule an appointment today.

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