Body characteristics of Hai Ho fish

Should freshwater sharks Hai Ho fish or Quan Dao fish looks like a sea fish, but is a freshwater aquarium fish. The scientific name is Geophagus. They are commonly kept in aquariums.

Body characteristics of Hai Ho fish           Houston Aqua

This is an ornamental fish that is quite easy to take care of. During the rearing process, it is necessary to pay attention to well control the water temperature and water quality. Make sure the fish can grow healthy. So how to raise Hai Ho fish? What details should be paid attention to in the process of rearing? Let's go into the details.

This fish is native to Mexico and North America, Guatemala. They have a spindle-shaped, slightly flattened body, a fan-shaped caudal fin, and a straight back margin. Body size can be up to 16cm long. The body of the fish is light gray, the side has many black horizontal bands.

The anterior part of the gill cover and the mouth part is bright red. The back of the gill cover has a dark green spot. The optic pulse has a blue-speckled stripe. The eye rim is green, shimmering under the light. The fins are all translucent red, the light blue line is distributed throughout the fins. Strong fish body, large appetite, easy to nourish, not strict water requirements, neutral hydrophilic.     Houston Aqua

Fish's living conditions

Hai Ho fish is a bottom-dwelling fish, omnivorous, has a strong body, does not have strict requirements on water quality, is not picky, and is easy to nurture. But the personality of Hai Ho fish is quite hot-tempered. They often fight around in the aquarium. Sometimes suddenly attack other fish. Even eat the fish. Therefore, it should not be stocked with other fish.
This is a large tropical fish with beautiful colors. They are very voracious, neutral water-loving. The water temperature should be in the range of 20 - 30°C, and the size of the aquarium should be large when raising this fish. Hai Ho fish does not have strict requirements on water quality. Grows best at 23-25°C. Before raising fish, you can refer to the article on preparation steps when raising tropical aquarium fish. Because they are both tropical ornamental fish, they will have similarities when rearing.

Breeding Hai Ho fish

Requirements for fish breeding water are hardness 6 – 8, pH 6.5 – 7.5, and water temperature 25 – 27°C. The breeding tank should be spread with sand and arranged with small flower pots turned upside down. This is to let the fish swim back and forth between them as a means of clinging to the eggs.

The breeding tank should be kept in a dark place, or covered with black paper. Release the male and female fish into the tank in a 1:1 ratio. The male will chase the female vigorously, to fertilize the eggs. Each female fish can lay about 400 eggs, many can be up to 1000 eggs. It can be seen that this is a fairly lucky fish breed. Similar to the kept in an aquarium?

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