Agrichainx Airdrop AGN Token – Get 45 AGN Tokens Free – Worth The $22.5 + Referral

Agrichainx is an Africa agritech holding developing a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines agricultural commodities trade, supply chain, value chain, food security, international collaboration, contracting, logistics, financing and payments for all stakeholder.


Global Market Linkage: Connecting agri trade networks from farmer to end buyer and getting them online

Disintermediation: We aim to reduce the need for trusted intermediaries while increasing security, removing time and cost bottlenecks.

Increased Speed of Transactions: By speeding up transactions we aim to increase the velocity of money, which will increase cash flow and capital investments.

Expand financial options for farmers: Provides quicker access to funding resources and make farmers financially inclusive

Global Reach: Our goal is to become the standard for seamless digital commercial transactions for agriculture on a global scale and across borders.

Join the AgrichainX Airdrop now and earn 45 free AGN tokens with an estimated value of $22,50 USD.

Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free Agrichain tokens.

1. Start AgrichainX Telegram Bot

2. Join Telegram group

3. Follow Twitter

4. Join Telegram channel

5. Submit ETH wallet address

6. Receive 45 AGN* ~ $22,50

*5 AGN for every referral

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