Hair Loss Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Alopecia or hair loss is a widespread disorder that impacts millions of individuals worldwide. Numerous things including genetics, hormones, disease and drugs can contribute to its development.

Alopecia or hair loss is a widespread disorder that impacts millions of individuals worldwide. Numerous things including genetics, hormones, disease and drugs can contribute to its development.


Both men and women may find hair loss to be unpleasant. Making people feel self-conscious and guilty about their appearance, it can undermine self-esteem and confidence.



Causes Of Hair Loss


The most frequent causes of hair loss include genetic disorders, and inherited factors of ageing over time. The hair follicles in some people are susceptible to the body's overproduction of particular male hormones which can result in significant hair thinning in women and a balding or receding hairline in men.

Hormonal Imbalance: 

A variety of health problems may often cause your hormone level to go haywire. In female estrogens hormones play an important role in establishing the hair growth cycle. This female hormone is irregularly secreted during pregnancy, giving childbirth, menopause or even if one is suffering from thyroid issues which can lead to alopecia, scalp infections, patchy hair loss trichotillomania etc.

Thyroid Factor:

The hair cycle is significantly influenced by the thyroid gland. Both over and under-secretion (i.e. hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism respectively) interfere with the hormones T3 T4 secretion. The imbalance of thyroxin reduces the hair growth at the root and doesn’t get replaced that fall out leading to balding and hair thinning. 


Unwanted Stress:

Due to the fact that extreme physical or mental stress can influence hair growth and cause massive hair loss. More androgen (male hormones) may be secreted by the body while under stress. May cause thinning or severe hair loss. A sudden injury, surgery, high fever, accident, or shock can also cause hair to grow; however, this causes temporary hair loss.

Nutritional Deficiency:

Hair loss is always caused by a diet that is deficient in vital minerals and vitamins. For the production of hair cell protein, iron is essential. Lack of it might result in early hair thinning. The ability of the body is crucial for the body's creation of RBC and oxygen flow. A diet lacking in foods containing vitamin B12 can also result in severe hair loss and hair thinning because the hair follicles become loose and begin to fall out due to a lack of oxygen.


Hairstyles and hair practices:

Using tight-pulling hairstyles frequently, such as buns, braids, or ponytails, can lead to traction alopecia, which leads to hair loss. Excessive use of chemical treatments or heat styling tools can also harm hair causing breakage and loss.

The Reaction of Medication:

Treatment or medication therapy for diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems are harmful to the hair causing excessive hair loss as a side effect.

Although several factors towards hair loss one can incorporate a few hair care tips and natural remedies to stronger and thicker hair. 

Symptoms of Hair Loss



Burning or stinging before sudden hair loss - Some people who have alopecia aerate experience this.

  • Itching sensation where you have hair fall - If these occur, it’s possible that you have an infection.

  • Scaly bald areas are frequently accompanied by ulcers or blisters that drip pus - This is a sign that your scalp is infected with a fungus.

  • Folliculitis decalvans, is a disorder that can result in redness, swelling and sores that may itch and leak pus.

Best Foods for Strong Hair




Eggs –


Protein plays an important role in hair growth. It’s not a secret that eggs are a great source of protein, but they are also high in vitamin B or Biotin. Eggs also help growth best hair as they are packed with various nutrients such as vitamins A and D, zinc and selenium.


Almond and Sesame Seeds -


Both nuts seeds are nutrients that have benefits that contribute to healthier and stronger hair. Fully protein and other nutrients such as vitamins E B, fatty acids, copper and zinc can help combat deficiencies that could negatively affect our hair. Almonds, walnuts, seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds are a few examples of nuts and seeds that you should include in your regular diet for healthy hair.


Vitamin –C 


Vitamin C into including our diet is always a good thing. From skincare to hair care as vitamin C has numerous benefits. Get your dose of vitamin C from tangerines, guavas, oranges and yoghurt (Greek)for extra nutrition for your hair.

How to Prevent Hair Loss:



  • Maintain a diet plan which should be balanced and maintained regularly like protein, vitamins and zinc etc.
  • Give oil to your hair: oil your hair frequently or regularly as it helps to keep your hair soft and condition
  • Use 100% natural ayurvedic shampoo for hair problems to provide complete nourishment to the hair and scalp.
  • To choose the right Shampoo, Don’t forget to pick a promising hair fall control shampoo.
  • Vitamin C is very beneficial for hair as it helps to clean the scalp, remove chemical deposits, strengthens roots,
    stimulates follicles and promotes hair growth.
  • Best Conditioners help restore the hair moisture that is lost during the shampooing process. Remember to apply the conditioner always after every hair wash.


Treatment of Hair Loss



Hair Loss Treatment  is meant to help with androgenic alopecia (hair loss). These hair loss treatments include:

  • Medication: Over-the-counter medications which you should apply to your scalp (such as Monoxide or Rogaine) are usually the first course of treatment for thinning hair. A prescription oral medication (finasteride or Prophecies®) is approved only for men with male pattern baldness.


  • Hair Transplants: During a hair transplant, your provider carefully removes strands of hair from an area of your scalp where the hair is thickest.


  • Platelet–rich plasma (PRP): After drawing your blood, you provide separates out the plasma. PRP treatment can improve slow hair loss and encourage new strong hair growth.


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