How do I get through to Facebook support?

To communicate with an agent of Facebook if you have Facebook issues you can check here the methods or procedure required to talk to a live person at Facebook.

How to talk with Facebook support?

Whether you need Facebook account-related information or have any other query, you can talk to Facebook support anytime. Multiple contact options are available, though; you can call at Facebook support number for instant response. In case you don't know the procedure, here are the steps you need to follow: 

Follow the steps below to talk to Facebook support over the phone. 

  • Dial the Facebook support phone number on the website 

  • Choose a language and follow the IVR automated phone menu commands 

  • You can select the option 'Account 'in the first menu 

  • Then choose the reason for a call from the instructions running 

  • You can keep following the prompt until a Facebook agent joins you over the phone

  • Once connected, speak to them about your issues and get them solved 

Alternate ways to talk to a Facebook agent 

In addition to phone,if you are a business account holder and need assistance, you can chat with a Facebook live agent. Besides, if you need to share feedback, concern, compliments, etc., you can email the Facebook team 24/7.

Following the process above and using the Facebook support number, you can talk with Facebook support anytime. Moreover, if you have any issues, more details are required; you can also visit the Facebook help center page online. 

Source: How can I talk to a live person on Facebook?

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