I Have a Horror House Chen Ge Xu Wan 1-274

I mean, let you go." The idiot was stunned by the expression, as if he had not understood Dai Lao's words all of a sudden. He is stupefied after half ring,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, say hurriedly: "But." But young master, you. Don't you think highly of me, t

Ten seconds later, Dou Monroe looked stiff and wronged and wanted to cry. But in the thirteenth second of her despair, the phone was suddenly connected! "***!"! Fatty, why did you just answer my phone? Dou Monroe almost cried, as if the drowning person had finally grasped the straw to save her life, and in the deepest despair, she met "the most beautiful accident." Why don't you speak? Brother Long was scared and fainted. I'm hiding in the fourth cubicle of the toilet. Come and save me! Dou Monroe's voice was crying: "I just saw a monster covered with blood outside. You must be careful when you come!" She was so emotional that she said everything in one breath, but after waiting for a long time, no one answered the phone. Pei Hu? Are you there Dou Menglu held her cell phone in both hands and put it to her ear: "I'm afraid if you don't speak. If you hear it, you can reply to me." After about a few seconds, there was a response on the other side of the phone. It's just that it's not Pei Hu talking, but another hoarse, deep, completely strange voice: "OK,304 Stainless Steel Wire, I'm going to find you!" The mobile phone slipped from her fingers, and when she heard the sound, Dou Monroe froze. She felt her heart miss a beat. Who am I calling? "Who answered the phone?" "Who is coming to me?" She looked at the mobile phone dropped on the ground and dared not pick it up at all, as if there was a man-eating monster living in it. Let's go before he comes in! Dou Monroe broke open the wooden door and rushed out of the cubicle without her cell phone. When she staggered out, she saw Chen Ge, who was wearing bloody clothes and had just entered the toilet. Ah Dou Menglu slipped to the ground and crawled desperately into the toilet: "Don't come over!"! Don't come any closer! "Don't be afraid,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, I am." Without waiting for Chen Ge to finish, Dou Monroe retreated to the toilet, and she did not hesitate to get directly into a cubicle and hold the door with her body. Unable to stop, Dou Monroe herself rushed into the fifth compartment. Seeing this, Chen Ge immediately ran over: "Hey!"! You can't go into that compartment! Dou Monroe, who was already on the verge of collapse, had not yet completely recovered, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw her eyes staring at her on the partition. The powerful scene left her standing on her head and unable to speak. It wasn't like that just now. The body hits on the door plank, Dou Menglu falls backward, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Chen Ge holds her shoulder, hurriedly closes the door of the fifth compartment. Is everything okay? How many times have I warned you not to play with your mobile phone in the haunted house? Chen Ge put the mobile phone on the ground into Dou Monroe's pocket. Who knew that Dou Monroe threw the mobile phone out again with her last strength: "Give it to you. You give me this mobile phone. I will not dare to use it again in the future." "Don't make a scene. Go to the door and rest while I pick up your companion." Chen Ge dragged Dou Monroe to the door of the toilet: "You guys are so bold that you dare to act alone." After placing Dou Monroe, Chen Ge ran into the girls' dormitory. Wang Hailong lay on the chair with tears in his eyes and looked like he was dying. The main ability of the pen fairy is to predict, other aspects are very weak, it seems that this big man is also a paper tiger. Chen Ge picked up the ballpoint pen and dragged Wang Hailong away when he saw that the penholder was not damaged. This is the first time that the new scene has been opened, and it must shock the tourists. After throwing Wang Hailong and Dou Monroe together, Chen Ge entered another passage, and he went into every room. Carry out the summer beauty of the 304 bathroom, and put the female corpse hidden on the bathroom partition by the way. Then Chen Ge dragged Pei Hu from under the bed in the 303 bedroom. Surprisingly, the most timid fat man turned out to be the most sober of all. When Chen Ge passed by, he was looking at the simulated head at the door. According to him, by the time Chen Ge came, he had been looking at the head for ten minutes. Under the leadership of Pei Hu, Chen Ge came to the last scare point. He and Pei Hu stood beside the dry well and looked inside. "I Have a House of Horror" Text Chapter 140 Horror Scene Rating Wang Wenlong sat in a dry well just over one meter deep, beating the air with his hands as if he were fighting with something. You stand here and I'll get him out. Chen Ge shouted a few times into the well, and then Wang Wenlong stopped. He seemed to be too frightened and looked up dully. When the godless eyes swept Pei Hu, his scattered pupils suddenly focused. Trembling with anger, Wang Wenlong seemed to break free from some kind of bondage and shouted at Pei Hu: "Son of a bitch!"! How dare you come back! "Listen to me, the situation was very complicated at that time. If I didn't run, we would both be in danger." "Fart!" "Really!"! I used myself as bait to lure away the scariest guy! Ask the haunted house owner if you don't believe me! Pei Hu is also aggrieved, stared at by the head, lying motionless under the bed for more than ten minutes, this experience has not really experienced people simply do not know how scary. If you two want to quarrel, go outside. Seeing that Wang Wenlong was so energetic, Chen Ge was relieved: "Come on, give me your hand." Discovering the presence of Chen Ge, Wang Wenlong was somewhat restrained: "No, my lower body is numb." "Are you numb?" Chen Ge jumped into the well and cooperated with Pei Hu to get Wang Wenlong out. After rescuing people, Chen Ge did not rush to leave. He checked the dry well when he hid the school card in the morning. There were only two dummy props in it, which was not too terrible. Wang Wenlong and Pei Hu were still arguing outside the well. Chen Ge crouched down and looked at the dummy's face carefully. The male dummy's eyes were open, which was different from the morning. The two dummies buried in the well should be Fan Yu's parents. If they turn into ghosts, they won't be so easy to deal with. They should just be residual thoughts. Chen Ge remembered the scene when Fei Youliang came to visit. At that time, he was occupied by the pen fairy and was ready to escape. Finally,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, he was stopped by more than 20 thoughts in the classroom. Later, several thoughts entered his body and manipulated him to the side of the deep well. They seemed to be ready to punish the pen fairy, but they gave up for various reasons. sxthsteel.com

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