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Personal Injury lawyers take cases come in all shapes and sizes. There are car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and other animal attacks, medical malpractice and more. Even within those practice areas, there are different types requiring a personal injury attorney to manage the case.

Suffering major injuries in an accident may seem like a life-changing event in which you're alone. Personal injuries don't just cause you bodily harm but may also affect your emotional being and ability to cope with daily life. Even minor injuries can result in huge medical costs and rising wages.

Personal injury laws are complex. That's why many victims prefer to hire an Orange County personal injury attorney so that they can focus on their recovery while their attorney handles the legal intricacies. At Niral Patel, we can help you explain your legal options and help you move forward. Here at Niral Patel personal injury law firm, we help our clients gain maximum compensation for their losses.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our Orange County personal injury attorneys handle various types of cases, including:

● Auto Accidents
Any negligent driver of a truck, bus, car, bicycle, motorcycle, or any other commercial vehicle who causes an injury to a pedestrian or to another driver shall be held liable.

● Premises Liability
The owner of a premises shall be held liable if they allow dangerous conditions to persist.

● Defective Product
Any flawed or defective product causing an injury to the purchases will make the manufacturer or owner liable.

● Workplace Accidents
Workplace accidents include those that occur due to poor training, heavy equipment accidents, slips and falls, etc.

● Medical Malpractice
Any negligence by a doctor or any healthcare staff in imparting care below the reasonable standard.

● Dog Bites
Owner of dogs liable for any bite or attack.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to someone else's fault, it may be time to call an Orange County personal injury attorney like Mr. Niral Patel.

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