The impact of base stations on the shielding effect of cell phone signal jammers

The impact of base stations on the shielding effect of cell phone signal jammers

It is a key device that has been frequently used in major examination rooms recently. I believe many people should know the true function of this device. It is a key device that has been vigorously promoted in school examinations and can effectively eliminate and prevent candidates from cheating. , that is today’s protagonist: cell phone signal jammer.

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There are now less than 100 days left before the college entrance examination. All candidates taking the college entrance examination are concentrating on preparing for the college entrance examination and striving to achieve good results in the college entrance examination. At the same time, many schools are looking for a batch of higher-performance cell phone jammers to ensure stable order in the examination room, so that those who use illegal means to cheat have nowhere to hide, thereby improving the fairness of the college entrance examination for every candidate.

But what many people don't know is that there is such a device, which may have a serious impact on the effect of the cell phone signal jammer, that is to say, the shielding range. This is an issue that needs to be considered in every college entrance examination examination room in the school. What is this device? It is the operator's base station, commonly known as a signal tower, because if there is a base station near the examination room, it will affect the shielding effect of the cell phone signal jammer. Of course, this means that within a range of 500 meters near the examination room, the signal strength of the signal transmitted by the base station to the examination room will be very strong, so the shielding range of the cell phone signal jammer will become smaller. If the base station is 500 meters away from the examination room, the impact on the cell phone signal jammer will be very small. As for why it causes an impact, this is because when the base station itself transmits signals to the surroundings, it will carry strong electromagnetic signals. As the distance of the electromagnetic signals emitted by the base station increases, the field strength of the electromagnetic signals will also increase accordingly. Reduction, and the field strength of this electromagnetic signal is one of the most important fact

Therefore, in the examination room, before purchasing a cell phone signal jammer, you might as well do an actual test to determine the actual shielding range of the jammer, and then decide how many cell phone signal jammers are needed based on the actual test data. This is very important, otherwise some places will not be blocked. However, no matter whether the cell phone signal jammer will be affected or not, a cell phone signal jammer with superior performance and more professional is a must-have.

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