The Rising Stars of Naija Music in 2024

The Naija music scene has long been a hotbed of talent, and 2024 is no exception.

The Naija music scene has long been a hotbed of talent, and 2024 is no exception. This year, a new wave of rising stars is making waves and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the most promising and exciting emerging artists in Naija music who are poised to become the stars of tomorrow.


1. Bella Shmurda


Bella Shmurda is one of the most talked-about emerging artists in Naija music. His unique blend of Afrobeat, street-hop, and conscious lyrics has captured the hearts of fans. Hits like "Cash App" and "Rush" have garnered millions of streams and established him as a force to be reckoned with. Bella Shmurda's raw talent and relatable storytelling make him a standout artist in 2024.


2. Omah Lay


Omah Lay's rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. His soulful voice and fusion of Afrobeat and RB have resonated with fans both in Nigeria and internationally. Songs like "Godly" and "Bad Influence" have earned him critical acclaim, and he continues to top music charts. Omah Lay's ability to convey emotions through his music sets him apart as a rising star.


3. Tems


Tems, with her enchanting vocals and eclectic sound, is another emerging artist making waves in 2024. Her collaboration with Wizkid on "Essence" catapulted her to international recognition. Tems' ability to blend Afrobeat with elements of alternative and soul music creates a unique and captivating listening experience. Her rise to prominence is a testament to her talent and artistic versatility.




BNXN, also known as Buju, is a rising star in the Naija music scene. His genre-blurring music incorporates elements of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and reggae. "Lenu" and "Outside" are just a few of his tracks that have garnered attention. BNXN's lyrical prowess and innovative sound make him a promising artist to watch in 2024.


5. Laycon


Laycon, best known as the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5, has transitioned from reality TV to the music scene seamlessly. His rap skills and relatable lyrics have won him a dedicated fan base. Tracks like "Fierce" and "Fall for Me" have showcased his talent and potential as a rising star in Naija music.


6. Ruger


Ruger is an artist who has made a splash with his fusion of Afrobeat and dancehall. His breakout single "Ruger" garnered significant attention, and he has continued to impress with tracks like "Bounce" and "One Shirt." Ruger's distinctive sound and charismatic delivery make him a rising star in 2024.


7. Ayra Starr


Ayra Starr is an emerging artist signed to Mavin Records who has been making waves with her unique blend of Afropop and RB. Her self-titled debut EP introduced her as a versatile and talented artist. Ayra Starr's songwriting skills and sultry vocals set her apart as a rising star in Naija music.


8. Zinoleesky


Zinoleesky is known for his melodic Afropop sound that has resonated with a younger audience. Hits like "Ma Pariwo" and "Kilofeshe" have garnered millions of views and streams. Zinoleesky's catchy hooks and relatable lyrics have earned him a place among the rising stars of 2024.


9. Oxlade


Oxlade's smooth vocals and contemporary RB sound have garnered attention in the Naija music scene. Tracks like "Away" and "Ojuju" have showcased his talent for creating emotionally resonant music. Oxlade's versatility and ability to connect with his audience make him a rising star to keep an eye on.


10. Alpha P


Alpha P, a member of the collective "AVOID," has been making waves with his unique sound that blends Afrobeat with alternative and electronic elements. His Naija songs 2024 "Oh No" garnered attention for its innovative sound and production. Alpha P's experimental approach to music positions him as an emerging artist with boundless potential.

In conclusion, these rising stars of Naija music in 2024 represent the future of the industry. Their talent, creativity, and ability to connect with audiences make them artists to watch closely. As they continue to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly shape the sound and direction of Naija music in the years to come, further enriching the diverse and dynamic musical landscape of Nigeria.

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