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# Jiang Cheng tore Song Tianran by hand # Jiang Cheng tears someone by hand without forgetting to show his love All of a sudden, the whole family playing hand tearing together has become the hottest topic in the entertainment circle.

# Jiang Cheng tore Song Tianran by hand # Jiang Cheng tears someone by hand without forgetting to show his love All of a sudden, the whole family playing hand tearing together has become the hottest topic in the entertainment circle. Pow! There was a sound of glass breaking in the room, followed by a crackling sound of rummaging through boxes and cabinets. Song Tianran threw all the bottles and cans of cosmetics on the table to the ground like crazy, and the iPad in her hand was thrown on the ground by her, and the screen was torn apart. How could this happen, how could this happen. She murmured, as if she couldn't believe it. Obviously all good control, obviously can turn over, so destroyed. "" The assistant looked at the mess of debris on the ground, and then looked at Song Tianran, who was talking to himself in front of him. He dared not breathe, and he was afraid. Song Tianran sat on the sofa, his hair messy, his eyes red, and his face pale and frightening. After a while, she suddenly laughed again. Not yet.. It's not over yet. I still have the latest pictorial with Jiang Cheng that hasn't come out yet. When the pictorial comes out, I'm sure I can turn over. "Sister Song, that's." That one Kenneve. She shouted in a low voice. Kenneve? What happened to Keniff? "Just." Her eyes were a little evasive and her words were hesitant. She doesn't know what to say to her now. Song Tianran stood up from the sofa,Nail machine manufacturer, and his high-heeled shoes creaked on the glass. Namely The pictorial we shot with Kenneth will not be in the market. "It will not be listed.." What do you mean Song Tianran's voice trembled. Jiang Cheng has unilaterally proposed to terminate the contract with Kenneth, and said that all the liquidated damages will be compensated by him, but asked to cancel the listing of this pictorial. Song Tianran instantly seemed to have been drained of all her strength, her center of gravity was unstable, and then she fell to the ground, her hands and feet were stuck on the broken glass on the ground, and immediately her hands and feet were stained with blood from the glass. Ah The assistant called out at once. Song Tianran is a model. How can a model leave a scar on his body. She hurried over,Nail production machine, "Sister Song, get up quickly, this will leave a scar." "Jiang Cheng, unexpectedly really so cruel, really do not leave me a way out." How interesting Ha-ha ha-ha ha Destroyed.. It's all ruined. Song Tianran did not seem to hear, she could not see the blood on her body, but kept repeating these words, hair at this time messy like a madman, eyes are also a dead ash, there is no color. Sister Song. Let's apologize. Song Tianran looked up at her, the assistant inexplicably felt a chill, her eyes let her feel fear, she could not help but lower her head and dare not look at her. Song Tianran looked at her a look of fear, iron nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, unexpectedly can not help laughing out, full of ridicule, extremely bitter and desperate smile. Song Tianran is very clear, this time she is really finished, she worked hard in this circle for so many years of achievements, glory, overnight disappeared, this time, she has nothing. I see. You go back first. I'm tired. She said to her lightly. The assistant looked at her now and dared not say anything more, so he had to leave. After the assistant left, Song Tianran slowly climbed up from the ground, she looked at the blood stains on her body, can not help but smile. Her whole life is over. Does it matter if she has a scar? "Drop." Lin Jiangnan was reading a book when suddenly his cell phone rang. It's a missed message. Song Tianran: Lin Jiangnan, I want to see you. Looking at the text message sent by Song Tianran, Lin Jiangnan could not help frowning. Is it necessary for her to see her again? "Drop." It's the sound of another text message. Song Tianran: It's the last time. One last time? What is the last time? Lin Jiangnan put the book down as if he had thought of something. She sent her a quick message back. Lin Jiangnan: Where is it? Song Tianran's message soon came over and told her the specific location. Lin Jiangnan looked at the position she sent over, did not dare to delay for a moment, put on a coat and then took a taxi to the place where he had made an appointment with Song Tianran. The car stopped at the gate of the hospital, paid the money, and Lin Jiangnan ran inside before he could even get the change. She looked at the elevator that was about to close and ran quickly, but she still couldn't catch it. She looked at the elevator on the other side, thought about it, and then ran to the top of the stairs. She opened the gate at the top of the stairs and ran up. As she ran, she gasped, her hand blocking the handle of the stairs, thinking about what Song Tianran had said to her, the greater the uneasiness in her heart, she dared not stop, and then continued to climb up. "Bang". She reached out and pushed open the door of the top floor of the hospital. As soon as he pushed the door open, a cold wind blew on his face, and Lin Jiangnan could not help but tremble. Her eyes fell on the woman sitting on the edge of the roof, her legs outside the windowsill, her body still shaking. Song Tianran, what are you doing? In the winter, she wore a thin windbreaker, the cold wind blew her hair in disorder, and there were blood stains on her palms. Hearing Lin Jiangnan's voice, Song Tianran slowly turned his head. She smiled at her. There you are. With these words, she actually stood up from the roof. Looking at her thin body being blown back slightly by the cold wind, at this moment, Lin Jiangnan felt that his heart was going to be paralyzed. Song Tianran, what do you want to say when you come down? Shall we make it clear in those years? She slowed her voice and said cautiously. Heh. That's a nice voice. Why don't I have one? Song Tianran laughed at herself,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and then she gently walked up on the roof, just like a model's catwalk. Lin Jiangnan's whole heart was hanging in midair, and she could not help shaking her head. How about it? Did I walk well? Song Tianran asked.

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