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In fact, the Star River List is the biggest stage and Vanity Fair for the younger generation. Those who can rank among the top ten thousand are all geniuses.

In fact, the Star River List is the biggest stage and Vanity Fair for the younger generation. Those who can rank among the top ten thousand are all geniuses. Among the current public rankings, the young and strong people who rank after one thousand have the lowest fighting power of the first rank of immortality. Those who rank in the top ten basically have the fighting power of the main realm of half-step. They are so young that their future achievements are incalculable. It is not impossible for one of them to become an emperor. It doesn't matter who I am! You have only two choices now, become my disciple or die! Bai Yun, who had recovered his appearance, said in a cold voice. This friend! Do we have any misunderstanding? The young man, who was of good standing, calmed down after his initial panic, asked doubtfully, and kept thinking of ways in his mind. Ziyan! You see here first if there is any way to contact the people at home! Baiyun suddenly ordered Ziyan, after seeing the other party nodded, directly grabbed the young man into the original immortal tripod just in case, or into the tripod is safer, can completely block the other party and the outside world. Baiyun also did not know what level of the original immortal tripod was, but he guessed that when it was intact, it should be the existence of the top level of Taoist utensils, as for the imperial soldiers, it was impossible because the immortal tripod had no spirit! Of course! At present,mobile garbage bin, the original Xianding is still in a damaged state and has not been fully restored. Now it should belong to the intermediate Taoist vessel. Master Yin, who was practicing in the world inside the tripod, opened her eyes and flashed to the side of the white clouds in an instant, like an ancient Chinese woman. Become my disciple or die, you have ten seconds to think about it! White cloud did not pay attention to silver, but looked at the young Lord with cold eyes and said that the reason why he did not directly measure each other was because he knew from silver's memory. Such magical powers as the Duhua Sutra are not uncommon in the universe, and of course the effect can not be as overbearing and abnormal as the Duhua Sutra. In order to prevent his disciples from being confused by other people's malice,plastic trash bins, they will basically put a kind of spiritual prohibition into their divine consciousness, that is, to avoid this situation. If the other party is not voluntary, Baiyun will not be able to destroy the other party at all, but will also frighten the snake and be discovered by the strong behind him. Who the hell are you! The consequences of killing me are absolutely not what you can bear. "At the moment of life and death, the young man did not have the mind to look at the world. After taking a look at the silver, he cried out. He had the intention to resist, but the Star House was sealed, and he could not move the Star Power at all." The last three seconds! Bai Yun reached out his right hand and grabbed his opponent's neck and said coldly. All right! Feeling the urge to kill, the young Lord finally couldn't hold on and nodded his head. Then unlock the prohibition of knowing the sea by yourself! Of course! You can also go to inform, but the price is your life! Bai Yun let go of his hand and warned. The young Lord's name was "Reed", and he was the seventh young master of the "Ferrero" family. After struggling for a few seconds, he finally resigned to his fate and was turned into a believer by Baiyun. However, drum spill containment ,plastic wheelie bins, this was something he never expected. The overbearing place of the Sutra had never been heard of, which made him completely unable to mention other thoughts about Baiyun, and directly shattered his last hope. The Ferrero family is the second largest force in the Croatan star field. Born as a star thief, it is a force formed by burning, killing and plundering. It holds a thousand star systems in its hands, and its master is a strong man of the third order of immortality. Although the Ferrero family has not been among the Star Pirates for a long time, they still belong to the Star Pirates Alliance, one of the dominant forces in the universe, which has to pay expensive "protection fees" every hundred years. If this is not the case, it will be difficult for small forces to gain a foothold in the chaotic sector. Of the countless forces in the Chaos Sector, only those above the realm of the Lord can survive without relying on those super forces, otherwise they will not survive for long unless you have no territory at all. Behind the Ferrero family is the Star Thief Alliance, while behind the Croatan family is the "Mercenary Alliance". The forces that survive in the cracks are similar, and what are the shadows of the super forces behind them. In fact, this phenomenon only exists in the chaotic sector, which is completely unworkable in the other four cosmic empires, because it is the territory of the existence of the immortal Emperor of Heaven. Although for those four, the territory is totally meaningless, but naturally there are subordinates who will sweep away all the forces that dare to make trouble for the sake of the divine power of the Emperor of Heaven. Of course! The so-called sky is high and the emperor is far away, and some low-key powerful forces still exist. In addition, these forces, such as the Adventure Alliance and the Mercenary Alliance, are still acquiesced by the four empires, but the people of the Empire who join their forces must listen to the first order of the Empire itself, otherwise they will violate the law and be sentenced to death! Baiyun learned all the memories of Reed, but did not hurt each other's soul, because there is a great use after, he took the other side from the source of the immortal tripod to escape, and then saw Ziyan lying on the sofa with a sad face, mouth constantly murmuring. "Password! Password!" Chapter 260 the first step to change. Chapter 260 the first step to change. "Just let him give you permission!" As soon as Bai Yun came out with Reed from the original immortal tripod, he saw Ziyan constantly saying the password in her mouth. He pointed to Reed, who had become his follower, and said. There is no family contact number! All stored directly in the light brain, "Ziyan's eyes lit up, but then she sighed." Not a single one? In their state, they already have a photographic memory. Once they see something, they will automatically keep it in their minds. When they can't use it, they will put it aside. When they can use it, they will remember it immediately. But it seems that the one in front of them has not been numbered at all. I have a headache because I didn't write down any of them! Now I'm not sure about the problem of the thief, and I can't reveal it casually! Zi Yan said in distress, but finally her eyes lit up and she jumped up. She looked at Reed and asked,collapsible pallet box, "You've got this man!" 'What's The matter? Have you thought of a way to make a safe contact? Bai Yun nodded and asked. Uh! Let him get an intelligent light brain, we go to the'void world 'to inform the news, this is the safest! Ziyan nodded proudly.

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