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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes for Angular Developers

AngularJS is a platform that provides framework to build single page applications by making use of HTML and TypeScript. AngularJS is written in TypeScript; a strongly typed and object oriented programming language that builds on JavaScript. AngularJS eliminates the need to use much of the code that would otherwise be required to be written by the programmer. All of this happens on the browser which makes Angular fit for any server technology.


Just like any other application, AngularJS works on certain basic yet significant concepts; the building blocks of AngularJS.  These building blocks are Angular concepts that are arranged into NGModules. These modules define the Angular application. Usually a single Angular application has a root module which launches the applications by providing the bootstrap mechanism and many other feature modules. Basically, AngularJS is like HTML, if only HTML was built for apps. Unlike, HTML which does not help much when it comes to building apps, AngularJS is used in web and mobile development companies that takes a different approach. AngularJS lowers the resistance between what an application needs and what HTML provides (document centric) by creating new HTML setups.  Angular teaches HTML a new syntax through directives, for example;

  • Support for form and form validation
  • Giving new behavior to DOM for instance DOM event handling
  • Data binding
  • Making components reusable for grouping HTML
  • Creating DOM control structures for showing, repeating and hiding DOM fragments


AngularJS Development has become a smart practice for programmers today. Undoubtedly, working with an AngularJS development company simplifies application development, however this does not mean that there are no challenges. In fact, one of the biggest challenge is whether to adopt it or not. Even though, professionals around the world work constantly to make better changes to the platform, Angular developers continue to face hurdles. Companies that hire Angular developers often go through these problems as the developers rush to get the best results, but do not follow the regular practices and end up making mistakes.

Below listed are some of the most common mistakes that Angular Developer make and simple tips that can help them overcome these mistakes.

Code Organization

It is essential for a developer to organize the codes when working in an AngularJS Development Company. In order to track errors smoothly, Angular developers need to distribute codes into smaller components.  The whole idea behind this is that when a developer compartmentalize the codes into different, smaller containers it becomes easier for him to track down any possible errors. Moreover, it also becomes efficient to work on every single one of them. Putting large amounts of components in one container can make things difficult with time. Chances are that Angular developers may not find this significant at first but they eventually realize how important this can be.

Not Unsubscribing

Angular developers take subscriptions when working for a app design and development company but often forget to unsubscribe. This is much bigger problem than it seems to be. As continuous new subscriptions pile up, there is a high risk of memory leakage. It is also a threat to data security. As an Angular developer, you have to make sure that you always unsubscribe once you are done using a service. Just by unsubscribing, you can avoid a huge problem from occurring in the future.

Use of JQuery

JQuery helps to manipulate the DOM easier with the help of its utilities however, it may not be the best solution while using AngularJS. A lot of times developers end up using JQuery when working for a web and mobile development company without considering the fact that AngularJS, itself, is enough to manipulate DOM. Using JQuery could mean that when your application renders, it might have unwanted effects or even worse, unrecognizable problems because you might have taken a wrong path. Hence using AngularJS eliminates the need for a third party app. That means, if you want to use DOM, do not involve JQuery.

Inability to Use the Given Angular Tools

AngularJS has many in-built tools that have to be used at some point or another. When companies Angular development, the key feature they look for includes the ability to use the given tools in AngularJS.  If a company hires someone who cannot use the necessary tools such as the Test Whiz and Protractor, there will be problems with application development in the future. Companies need to make sure that they hire Angular developers who can make the most out of the given tool otherwise it can be an expensive slip for them.

Declaring Same Components in Multiple NgModules

A mistake that is often made by Angular developers is that they take the component for granted. Developers usually assign the same components to multiple NGModules. It is essential to state each component in a separate NGModule. Developers often forget to do this because they forget that every component can only belong to one NGModule. Instead of declaring multiples component in one NGModule, the developers should declare identical components in multiple modules. Then the relationship between these modules should also be identified, for instance a parent-child relationship.

Unsuitable Use of Event Handlers

Often companies are under a lot of pressure due to strict deadlines. This means a lot of times, developers end up blending many rational layers and giving a lot more assignments to controllers than they can handle. This mean a lot more is forced to be carried out than possible.  Angular developers should make sure that they use the framework appropriately. For instance, AngularJS allows the developers to assign controls based on predicted data and requires them to display everything is proper order.  Developers should not compromise this order due to deadlines because it ends up sabotaging the application.

Insignificant Commitments

When developers work for any web and mobile app development company, they tend to meet clients who require changes in the code. At times, making irrelevant commit messages can cause serious hurdles. It can be challenging for Angular developer to identify parts where they need to make changing. Moreover, when the entire code is altered, reviewers might face difficulty reviewing it. Angular developers should make sure that they do not commit to any irrelevant changes and follow proper framework to avoid any difficulty.

Not Using Batarang

Third party extension like Google Chrome Batarang can be very helpful for AngularJS developers. It helps developers to debug and build Angular apps. Batarang can be of great help in the abstraction of scopes where the arguments are restricted. Batarang helps you do anything from your console that you can do with scope, simply by selecting that particular element from the scope. It saves a lot of time.  Batarang is a powerful tool and is highly recommended for Angular developers. Not using this extension to its fullest potential can be a big mistake.

Using Client- Side Paging

Paging helps any AngularJS development company to sort out and represent the huge bulk of data in the app. However, initially most developers apply client-side pagination; paging sequence provided by the client. This means that the developer will have to load all the data present in the application which can be a very time consuming process. Depending on the data of the application, client-side paging can be used. If the app has less data, the process would be less tedious. This is why it is recommend for Angular developers to use server-side paging. The developer will be able to open the details of a specific page without having to load the entire data of the application.

Not Checking Across Browsers

It is essential for Angular developers to examine the application before launching it. A frequent mistake made by many developers is that they do not check the app on different browsers hence any unexpected problem present in the app does not get a chance to be detected by the environment. The sole purpose of checking the app across various browsers is to make sure that there is no need for fixes however, this process can be long and time consuming. Even though, developers are recommended to carry our cross browser check, if they are unable to do so, they can also use online tools such as Brower Stack and Lambda Test.

AngularJS has an extremely supporting framework and has indeed made things a lot simpler for programmers. However, it is still very common amongst developers to misjudge something during application developing and make mistakes. The problem arises when developers are not able to identify their mistakes because being an Angular developer does not only require you to develop an app but also make it error free. A developer should understand the scope objects, use event handling carefully and optimize their application in order to avoid making common mistakes. Companies should hire best Angular developers who are willing to work on their mistakes and learn from them. Avoiding the above mistakes and following the given tips will definitely get you started. These will improve your productivity, make your work less tedious and time consuming and will definitely give you better results.

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